find---me Modell 2019 ist um 30% kleiner und hat viele weiter Verbesserungen

Sorry! We are sold out.


Unfortunately, due to high demand our inventory sold out at the beginning of March 2019. We are expecting a new supply in September.


We will be happy to keep you informed


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The price for 1 find—me! set will stay the same at €59 including VAT. Shipping is charged extra.


Now with 9 added benefits!

The new find—me! avalanche and deep-snow bands have been further improved, with a number of clever, functional features added.


Innovations as of winter 2019/2020


1. 30% smaller, more compact bag (only ca. 8 x 9 cm)
2. The 2 m – ski band is now blue – the 8 m band attached to the person remains red.
Which means you can make quick decisions more easily in the event of an avalanche.
3. Magnetic pressure lock instead of Velcro – avoids icing
4. Improved release system – easier to operate. Adjustable ring on the release cord.
5. Ski tether with rubber mount for the toggle, so it always remains attached to the ski
6. Stable metal hook to secure the belt
7. Sewn rubber tab instead of a loose strap
8. the ring can move freely on the cord for a better fit
9. on the inside of the bag, the cord has a knot to secure it even better


All improvements make it easier and more intuitive to handle.


Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Delivery information 2019/2020

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