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The Find–me! Avalanche and deep snow band, developed in Salzburg, is a Winner of the German Design Award

monzs17. Januar 20180 Comments
Developed in Salzburg together with mountain specialists, the Find–me! Avalanche and deep snow band was the winner at the prestigious German Design Award for its functional design in the category of “Excellent Product Design – Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure”. Thanks to its compact construction and the well thought-out functionality, Find–me! is a successful design […]
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Wir sind German Design Award Winner!

monzs27. Dezember 20170 Comments
Bereits im August haben wir berichtet, dass wir für den German Design Award nominiert wurden und nun können wir euch die frohe Botschaft verkünden: Wir sind Winner in der Kategorie Excellent Product Design – Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure. Unseren Eintrag in der Online-Galerie des German Design Award findet ihr HIER. Nochmal zur Erinnerung: Der […]
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find—me! press release 01.2017 ISPO munich ENG

monzs2. Februar 20170 Comments
FIND—ME! AVALANCHE AND POWDER LEASHES FROM SALZBURG A FINALIST FOR THE ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 AWARD. Salzburg/Austria. find—me! This innovative avalanche and deep-snow band from Austria has proven itself as a smart companion for powder skiers, tourers and freeriders. And now it’s a finalist for the ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 Award, the biggest competition worldwide for startups […]
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