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find—me! press release 01.2017 ISPO munich ENG

find—me! press release 01.2017 ISPO munich ENG

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Salzburg/Austria. find—me! This innovative avalanche and deep-snow band from Austria has proven itself as a smart companion for powder skiers, tourers and freeriders. And now it’s a finalist for the ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 Award, the biggest competition worldwide for startups in the sporting goods sector.

Higher survival chances in an avalanche – never, ever again have to hunt for your skis in deep snow.

Winter is approaching and your anticipation for virgin powder slopes is increasing by the minute. Whenever you are drawn out into the backcountry, the topic of safety also needs to be a top priority: Avalanches and unstable slabs of snow lie in wait up in the mountains.

According to statistics put out by the Austrian Alpine Service, 6,540 people were involved in accidents in the Austrian Alps during the 2014/15 season alone.
With find—me!, the probability of being found quickly in an avalanche increases significantly. find—me! (www.find— ) is an exciting solution because it is an ingeniously simple principle and intuitive to use.

Prior to setting out on a ski tour, small pouches are attached to the outside of the ski boot using the included band. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your ski – whether in deep snow or an avalanche – the skis will pull the 10 meters-long bands out of the pouch. A Velcro strip serves as a predetermined tear line to prevent injury in the event that the ski wedges into the terrain.

Since the person is always far more important than the ski, the longer part of the band, 8 m in length, remains attached to the skier’s boot. 2 m is attached to the ski. Reflective locational information shows rescuers the direction and distance away of the buried individual. Weighing only 100 g, it is especially compact, and the lightweight bands will in all probability stay on the surface of the snow. find—me! is the ideal addition to standard safety equipment (avalanche transponder, shovel, probe, avalanche backpack).

find—me! costs € 59 and can be purchased at sporting goods stores throughout Austria, on the Web at www.find— as well as from Amazon.

find—me! was developed by POLAK and friends/Salzburg in collaboration with experienced mountain guides and specialists, and is distributed in Austria by EPM-sports GmbH (Ernst Pintar). Distributors in Switzerland, Germany, South Tyrol, USA, Canada etc. are currently being sought.


Press/Information/Development: Heinz Polak
POLAK and friends GmbH | Hofhaymer Allee 42 | 5020 Salzburg | Austria T: ++43662 830215 | M: +43 699 18192002 E: ( www.find—
Austrian Sales: EPM-sports GmbH
Salzburg, Jan. 2017

You can also download the press release in English here.

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